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Secure Your Devices with Norton Antivirus Security Setup

Download Norton setup your protection from official website for handle or manage your security and issues at anyplace and anytime round the clock. We are going to provide step by step information of activating, downloading and installing the latest Norton Security Setup application on your computer. This antivirus application comes in various variants. It is available for download for the following operating systems:- Windows, Mac OS X, Android and IOS etc. Norton Antivirus setup is much faster to check about threats. They look for malware and Trojans before it can infect your machine. Norton antivirus makes it easy for you to set up Norton internet security, check your protection status or extend your security to other devices.

Norton antivirus setup is most important part of your computer because if it is not installed properly then your computer will not be protected properly. There are some prerequisites before installation of the antivirus application like there should not any other security installed on the computer and computer should be free from viruses. Also customer should add Norton browser extension and scan setting should be always automatic. Norton is the leader in the world of antivirus security. Norton security setup is very easy to install and they are very user friendly also. Norton has many types of securities and customer can choose according to his usage and need.

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How to Download, Install and Activate Norton Antivirus Security Setup

Once you download and install the Norton security setup on your computer, the question arises that how to activate the Norton security setup and start using the full features of the product. The Norton security setup activation is the process of validating your purchase through entering a unique 25 digit activation key.
Here is an excellent guide we have compiled to install and active the Norton product on multiple platforms. Let's begin the process of activating the Norton Security setup software

Activate Norton antivirus security setup on Windows

  • First enter your credentials to log in to your account.
  • Open the for download the latest version of the Norton security setup.
  • If you have purchased the Norton security from a retail store, insert the CD in the drive. or go for online process
  • You will be welcomed with a Get Started page.
  • You will need to select the Download Norton option.
  • If you are installing in the current device, you will select the Install on This Device and click the Agree & Download.
  • The file will be downloaded into your default download folder of the browser.
  • Locate the file and open it or extract it (if it's a zip file).
  • Run the installer and follow the steps to complete the installation process by agreeing to the License Agreement.
  • You will get a message communicating with the Norton Server...
  • After the installation process is complete, you have to activate the product.
  • It will change to Activating... after a few minutes.
  • When prompted for, enter the 25 digit key you get through the mail if you have bought the Norton security online or look to the back cover of the antivirus CD you bought from the retail store.
  • After entering the product key, accept the license agreement by tick marking the checkbox and click NEXT.
  • The Norton security setup is now complete and activated. You can now use your product.

Activate Norton security setup on MAC

  • First of all go to the Norton official website for login to Norton account.
  • Under the product tab, choose the Norton security and download it.
  • After the download run the Norton security setup to install it.
  • Now click on the Antivirus icon and when asked enter the 25 digit product activation key.
  • Once the product is activated, restart the MAC.
  • Now run the scan to check if the product is working correctly or not.

Activate the Norton mobile security setup on an Android device

  • If you have purchased the Norton mobile security from Norton e-store open on your web browser and sign into Norton account.
  • You will be asked to enter the 25 digit product key and click on the verify button.
  • Open the Norton security app on your android phone and click on the ‘my Norton' icon on the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Sign in by entering your login credentials.
  • After signing in the app will show you the purchase information, click on the apply button, this will activate your Norton mobile security setup

Having trouble downloading Norton antivirus setup on your pc? Fix download problem

There could be a variety of reasons that you are having trouble to download Norton Antivirus setup on your PC. Follow these steps to fixing downloading issue

Enter Valid Norton activation key

In order to have Norton install and running on your PC, you need to have a valid key that you can purchase both online as well as from store, an account on the website where you have to enter the security key and validate your purchase. And then you have to download the Norton antivirus security setup files on your PC to install Norton.

Check your internet connection

A faulty internet connection will lead to the download failure of the Norton security setup software. Before you attempt other steps, you should check that your PC is connected to a stable network and can access the internet.
Once you have ruled out the network problem, and then proceed to the above-mentioned steps for Re-download Norton security setup from the official website

Delete windows temporary files to fix Norton download setup problem

If you find that your Norton download setup files does not start or stops after some time, windows temporary files could be causing the problem. In such case deleting the temporary files may solve the problem.

  • Before you delete windows temporary files close all the browser windows and any program you were running.
  • Open the run dialogue box. You can do so from the start menu or you can press "Windows and R" key together to open it directly.
  • Enter the following text, "%temp%" in the dialogue box and click enter.
  • Windows explorer will open up with the user temp folder.
  • Go to the edit menu and click on the select all option.
  • Press the "Delete" button. You may be prompted to confirm. Press "Yes".
  • Once you have deleted the temporary files, go to the official website and re-download the Norton antivirus setup software files.
Update windows for the successful download of Norton antivirus setup

Outdated windows can prevent you from downloading the Norton antivirus setup on your pc. Updating windows might clear up the problem

  • If you have windows 7 or 8 installed on your pc go control panel then navigate to system security and press windows update.
  • Windows will check for available updates and prompts you to download them.
  • Install all the updates and service packs available.
Uninstall any third-party security program

A third party security or antivirus program already installed on your pc may prevent the download and installation of Norton security setup software.

  • You must uninstall any such third-party security program before you download Norton installation files.
  • Open control panel, find and click on program and features and then click on uninstall a program option.
  • Find the third party security program and right-click on it.
  • From the drop-down menu choose the uninstall option.
  • Now download the Norton antivirus setup again.

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